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High-End and Multi-Unit Remodels in San Francisco

Pursuing a remodel of your San Francisco property can be a laborious and expensive process, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re experienced in completing high-end and multi-unit remodels that deliver massive value and ROI for our clients. We listen to YOUR needs to build YOUR dream! Whether you’re just thinking about a partial or whole home remodel, are in the process of submitting plans, or ready to hire a contractor, make sure and reach out to us to discuss your project using our contact form. Check out some of our recent work here.

What are the benefits of a remodel? A high-end remodel, particularly in San Francisco, will increase the value of your property and can be a lucrative investment. Especially during a property and construction boom. This rings true for your personal residence, a rental property that you own, or a new property that you purchase. We believe a high-end remodel is worth the investment for this reason alone. Finances aside, remodeling your property has many other benefits including reduced maintenance and utility costs, lifestyle improvements, increased and more efficient livable space, and updating your property to match your lifestyle without having to move. Minor additions to your property can also greatly increase your standard of living. Consider additional outdoor living space like a deck, patio or outdoor kitchen, or perhaps an ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit) which can be used as a guest house, place for Mom, or a rental unit. We’ve love to hear about your remodel plans. Give us a call at 415-969-6915.

How much does a remodel cost in San Francisco? High-end remodel costs in San Francisco can vary greatly depending on the scope of work, list of materials and the property size / footprint. In our experience, the cost per build typically falls between $250/sq. ft and $450/sq. ft for single family and multi-unit homes. Contact us today if you’d like a more accurate cost estimate for your remodel.

What steps are involved in a remodel? When you embark on a remodel in the Bay Area the process generally looks like this:

  • The first step is to create plans for your remodel. We recommend hiring a reputable architect to draw up the plans. We regularly work with architects in San Francisco and the surrounding areas and we are happy to recommend one.

  • Your plans must then be submitted to, and approved by the City of San Francisco (SFDBI). This can be a difficult and tedious process that may involve some back and forth with the City. Hiring a competent and professional architect will greatly improve the efficiency of getting your plans approved.

  • Once your building plans have been approved by the City you are free to start construction. It is at this stage that you hire a contractor to carry out the work specified in the plans. We encourage you to check out our previous high-end remodel projects. If you’d like to learn more about us or get an estimate you can call us at 415-969-6915.

Working with a contractor: Tips and Tricks

Use a licensed contractor. It is illegal to contract with an unlicensed contractor in California when the construction work is valued at more than $500 combined labor and materials. The law provides several protections for homeowners when they deal with a licensed contractor. A licensed contractor is required to carry a $10,000 bond. Additionally, the State License Board carefully monitors the activity and ethics of the licensed contractors.

Use a bonded contractor. A Contractor’s Bond protects the customer. Should your contractor cause damage, not fulfill their end of the agreement, be paid in excess for the amount of work completed, or take a deposit and then disappear, a Contractor’s Bond will pay out up to $10,000. The bonding company will then use their resources to recoup this money from the contractor. The Bond also protects against theft by the contractor.

Make sure the contractor you hire carries Workers Compensation Insurance. As you can imagine, construction is a high-risk profession where workers are injured more frequently relative to other lines of work. And of course the cost of medical care is ever increasing. Should your contractor not carry workers compensation insurance, it becomes your liability to cover the medical expenses for injured workers on your property. While a contractor with employees is required to carry insurance, many don’t.

Get everything in writing. Current Construction does not work with verbal agreements. When you want something to happen we will put it in writing. This policy protects both property owner and our company. Documented confirmation is a great communication device when the scope-of-work or materials are amended in writing, as such adjustments generally involve a change in price.

Establish a warranty period. California law requires licensed contractors to provide a one-year guarantee of their work. Sadly, many contractors never revisit their completed jobs because their livelihood is focused on their current jobs. Current Construction proactively performs a follow up visit within 30-days after completion and then remains ready to respond to problems or issues that arise at any time during the warranty period.

Establish a progress based payment schedule. Contractors often schedule payments for a certain time frame, perhaps every Friday, regardless of progress. Some even set payments in a way to get money before a substantial amount of work is completed. Current Constructions chooses to schedule payments based upon certain completion points, and when able, upon passing inspections.

From Pre-Construction to Completion, we will help make the construction process as smooth as possible for you!

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